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VIDEO: Space Shuttle Enterprise flies over LiveAuctioneers HQ

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Written by JAMIE DWELLY for Auction Central News   
Friday, 27 April 2012 15:49

The Space Shuttle Enterprise, as seen from the offices of, was originally named the 'Constitution.' NASA officials changed the name to 'Enterprise' after Star Trek fans organized a letter-writing campaign to have it renamed. Photo by Tiffany Mamone.

NEW YORK - I'm in New York again, spending some time in the LiveAuctioneers offices with the guys and gals responsible for Auction Central News and Grand Prix Cafe.

It's my last day in the city, following a thoroughly enjoyable week of work, fine food and the odd glass of the good stuff. This morning I checked out of my Hotel in Chelsea and walked a few windy blocks to the offices located on 12th Avenue, right by the Hudson, for the last time.

After an hour of water-cooler chat and the odd email, we gravitated toward the window overlooking the river. From what I'd gathered, our CEO had organized for a plane (a single-prop affair, I assumed) to fly past bearing the company logo on a trailing banner – although I wasn't entirely sure how this rather frivolous marketing scheme would enhance our good reputation outside of presenting a nice photo opportunity.

With cameras at the ready, we waited by the window. The flyover was scheduled at 10:15, but by 10:20 nothing had happened. Our CEO casually reminded me of the time he'd seen an Airbus A320-214 drop into the Hudson following an emergency landing – this comment, made to a reluctant flyer due to cross the Atlantic that very evening, was taken with a stiff gulp.

Helicopters hovered in the air. Each time one buzzed out of sight, I looked forlornly for a plane bearing our logo, but alas, nothing. Getting bored I decided to pop downstairs to grab a coffee; I'd still be able to see the sky from the shop in case the plane decided to make an appearance…

When I went downstairs, I was rather surprised to see a bunch of people staring at the sky infused with anticipation, which struck me as odd. Why would these people know, or even care, about our little corporate stunt? I was on the verge of asking when a ripple of aaahs and applause erupted and fingers began to excitedly jab at the sky in the direction of Liberty.

What happened next resulted in my stifling a scream. Flying low, perched on the back of a 747, the space shuttle glided toward me. It was such a surprise, I wasn't sure if I was watching this on TV or not…The adjacent crowd began to get rather noisy, a very definite combination of genuine excitement and national pride. I stood quite still with my jaw resting on my chest, utterly speechless.

A fire truck pulled up and parked, and the crew got out to stand on the roof to watch it pass. The traffic slowed, horns began honking, with the odd driver yelling into the ether. In addition to being a shock, it was all rather moving. The shuttle flew uptown and I rushed into the offices, aware that the whites of my eyes were straining under the halogen lights.

I was back upstairs just in time to see the shuttle make a return pass, due to the enthusiasm of colleagues and friends, a distinctly non-British and intense ‘all right!’ popped from my face, at which point it occurred to me that I'd been subject to taking a passing quip too seriously.

Earlier, the CEO had suggested attaching a banner onto the back of the plane for the purposes of publicity, and I'd taken it as gospel. I have to say, as well as feeling elated by the spectacle, I felt like a complete and utter pillock – in American parlance, an idiot.

Obviously I didn't tell anyone that…


# # #

Click to view a video of the Space Shuttle Enterprise as it flew over New York City today, above LiveAuctioneers' headquarters en route to its final destination at the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. Video by Scott Miles.




The Space Shuttle Enterprise, as seen from the offices of, was originally named the 'Constitution.' NASA officials changed the name to 'Enterprise' after Star Trek fans organized a letter-writing campaign to have it renamed. Photo by Tiffany Mamone.

A NASA 747 jet carrying the Space Shuttle Enterprise from Washington, DC to JFK Airport, en route to New York's Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, flew past the corporate offices this morning. This was the last official flight for the shuttle, whose final NASA flight was in 1984, after 10 years of service. Photo by Tiffany Mamone.

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